5 Kitchen Trends That Will Be Huge in 2018

We all know that choosing a kitchen is all about personal taste and unique needs. However, trends are a great way of seeing what is currently available on the market to gauge an idea of what your dream kitchen could look like. There’s no doubt that trends are constantly changing, and they can be incredibly unpredictable, however here are our predictions for the kitchen trends that we expect to be a big deal in 2018.

One. Smart Appliances and Gadgets. Just like in most parts of daily life, we love a good gadget or smart appliance that has been designed especially for the kitchen.

Think Wi-Fi operated kettles, pop up sockets with USB and ovens with doors that disappear into themselves to prevent problems.

Overall, smart appliances are intended to make life easier for us and have without doubt been a growing trend for a few years now, with 2018 not being the year to see that trend waiver.

Whilst there are many smart appliances and gadgets worth checking out in 2018, the one which we love is the Boiling Water Tap. Capable of dispensing hot, cold and nearly boiling water, this is a must have for any home.

We recommend the Quooker Boiling Water Tap. Utilising a high-vacuum insulation, the Quooker provides the exact amount of boiling water that you’ll need, for just 3p each day.

Ovens integrated into the cupboard space

Two. Integrated Appliances. This is not a new trend; however, this is a style that refuses to go away and we’re okay with that.

Let’s be honest, appliances are an ugly necessity that can easily detract from the overall appearance of a kitchen because they just don’t match our choice of kitchen cabinets.

What is an integrated appliance? An integrated appliance is basically an oven, dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator or microwave that is built into your cabinet. Smaller appliances are typically partially integrated, meaning that their frontage is visible. Whilst many larger appliances are often fully integrated or hidden behind doors that look identical to the rest of your kitchen.

Three. Big and Practical Sinks. Large sinks have been a common part of farmhouse-style kitchens for centuries, however they are becoming a popular part of the modern home with many homeowners opting for the deep Butler and Belfast kitchen sinks.

These ceramic sinks are not only great for creating a focal point in your kitchen, they are also a practical choice if – like so many of us – your life has been consumed by larger kitchenware that more traditional style of sink quite open don’t accommodate for.

Four. Rose and Copper. Of all our 2018 predictions, this is one that transcends much further than just around your kitchen. Predicted to be a big trend for weddings this year following the growing popularity for rose gold jewellery; in the kitchen we’re loving rose and/or copper-coloured handles. The great thing about copper handles is that it contrasts so beautifully against the dark hues of the black or blue cabinets that are also popular in 2018.

The grey and silver tones of stainless steel, nickel, iron, chrome and pewter have been the most popular choices of cabinet handles for many years, so it seems quite refreshing to have handles that are not only different, but such an eye-catching colour.

The industry has adapted nicely to this trend with rose and copper taps etc.

Concealed lighting beneath kitchen cabinets

Five. Concealed Lighting. It’s a factor that most of us probably don’t think about, but lighting has an important role to play in room design, and as we strive to create an interesting atmosphere in our kitchens, it makes perfect sense for concealed lighting to appear in our list of predictions.

The most common styles of concealed lighting include strip lights that can be placed virtually anywhere including:

  • Underneath wall cabinets
  • The edges of drawers – this is great for illuminating dark areas
  • Along the bottom of floor cabinets

Other popular choices include plinth lights, under cabinet lights and even glass shelving.


Kat Musselwhite – HT Blogger