Bring Your Vision to Life; See Our Kitchens in Person

You may have recently met our lovely Malton Showroom team at the Howarth at Home-sponsored Malton Food Lovers Festival that took place in the Yorkshire town over the end of May bank holiday weekend. If there is one thing that can be taken from visiting us at the Festival, it’s how important it is to come and see the kitchens in person.

Malton Food Festival May 2018

We spoke to Linda Brannigan; the Howarth at Home Kitchen Designer at our Malton Showroom to find out her take. Linda believes that her customer’s journey truly begins in her showroom and understands how the whole process can be both exciting and overwhelming. This can sometimes make the prospect of going into a showroom seem slightly daunting, but it doesn’t have to be like that!

Here are six reasons why it’s so important to visit our Malton showroom and see our kitchens in person:

See and Touch the True Product

Scouring resources like Google, Pinterest or Instagram are fantastic for gaining that initial inspiration and we strongly recommend doing as much research as possible before investing your time and money into such a huge purchase. However, like Sinead O’Connor said, nothing compares to physically seeing what a kitchen looks like (or something like that).

Whether you use the internet or brochures, simply looking at images isn’t enough to establish what a kitchen looks like or even what colour it really is. In fact, printing methods as well as lighting used and even photoshopping can result in the exact same kitchen looking completely different in based on where you see it.

There simply is no better way to see what your dream kitchen will look like in the flesh than by popping down to your local Howarth At Home showroom and seeing the real deal for yourself.

See Everything Come Together

Sink in the Malton kitchen showroom

Our Malton branch, like all our showrooms, features a wide range of samples including:

  • Doors
  • Worktops
  • Appliances
  • Sinks

Each of which allow you to imagine more realistically how your kitchen could look with all the practical features, beside the cupboards. Getting the opportunity to see everything together guarantees that you can make the right decisions with a kitchen that works for you.

Grab inspiration

Find inspiration from our displays  and evolve these ideas into a dream kitchen.

We all use the internet, brochures and magazines to grab some easy inspiration for our ideal kitchen, however it’s often easy to get carried away and we find ourselves falling in love with a kitchen that we have no way of achieving due to various restrictions in our homes and personal lives. Our displays allow you to create a dream kitchen, whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

Having someone to approach and ask niggling questions

Malton Caple Display

Quite often, when we find a kitchen that we you like the look of, we will have a lot of niggling questions that we really want to ask, such as:

  • Will this kitchen work with an integrated oven?
  • Will these kitchen ranges complement each other?

Online, it is virtually impossible to get instant answers to these questions and you’ll usually find that you will have to wait. By coming into our showroom, our Kitchen Designers are on hand to answer all the questions that you have straight away and there is more scope for discussion if you have further questions.

Simpler Purchasing Process

The overall kitchen purchasing process is made simpler by visiting our showroom. We are here for our customers, step by step. From the very first day that they come to our Malton showroom up until the completion of their project.

Further Assistance

We can also offer additional help with a list of our local tradesmen and kitchen installers.

So why not pop into our Malton showroom and discover your dream kitchen.


Kat Musselwhite – HT Blogger