Corner Kitchen Cabinet Solutions

It’s an inevitable fact of life that most kitchens will end up with a corner kitchen cabinet that is mostly dead space. In the past, that space would have been either wasted or the place to push any larger kitchen appliances that you bought with optimism and have been put away because you might need it one day, maybe, so you best-hold-onto-it-just-in-case.  

However, Kessebohmer, the leading supplier of kitchen fitting systems and solutions have revolutionised how we can use our corner units, optimising space that was once wasted and creating systems that make it easier to reach everything using simple yet effective kitchen design.  

LeMans. Swings out fully, bringing the contents of your cupboard right to you, when you need it. 

Ideal if you:  

  • Have blind corners. The straight design of the trays is ideal for a rectangular-shaped cupboard that is often referred to as a “blind” corner because it is difficult to reach. 
  • Need a clear view and easy access. Both trays swing out fully meaning that you can see everything no matter where it is positioned.  
  • Want to store heavy appliances. Each tray has a maximum load capacity of 25kg making it difficult to overload. 
  • Have limited space. The LeMans opens at an angle that prevents it from colliding with handles on other cabinets meaning that even in kitchens with tight kitchen space, you don’t need to worry about damage being caused. 
  • Have kitchen storage needs that change. If you find yourself purchasing an appliance that is taller than everything else, no problem, simply adjust the heights of your trays to create space for it. 
  • Want to fully utilise your space. The LeMans creates 70% more space for storage than if you were to place a pull-out drawer in the same space and left the corner blind. 

REVO 90. This innovative solution rotates smoothly, tucking the doors away inside when open and opening neatly again to hide the interior of your space. 

Ideal if you: 

  • Have tall appliances. The heights of each of the trays is fully adjustable, and an optional partial-sized third tray can be installed that helps you to create more storage space, without sacrificing space for larger appliances. 
  • Need a clear view. As the trays rotate, you can view everything on each one meaning that nothing is inaccessible even right at the back. 
  • Have an L-Shaped space. The round design works perfectly in L-shaped corner cabinets. 

Carousel 270. This nicely combines wooden shelves to create a classic solution, with the addition of a variety of options for the railing and edging for a sleek and modern look. 

Ideal if you: 

  • Want to view items one at a time. The storage trays can be spun individually, allowing you to view just what you need to rather than having to spin the entire unit 
  • Need to store pots and pans. The heights of both the shelves are adjustable to suit the needs of all your differently sized equipment, whilst allowing for stacking when necessary. These can be adjusted as necessary, and a third tray can be added if needed. 
  • Magic Corner. Using innovative technology, this is the optimum space saving solution that brings the cupboard right out to you. The Magic Corner stores two complete storage units beside each other right in the corner thanks to its clever design. 

Ideal if you: 

  • Want to view everything quickly. With one simple movement, opening the cupboard door forward will draw both the front and back sections out, allowing you to view everything easily and efficiently.  
  • Need something that is uncomplicated. The design might look confusing, however don’t worry if you can’t figure out how it all folds back together, because a small nudge and the mechanism will do all the hard work for you, tucking itself neatly back together and closing its door behind itself. 
  • Have blind corners. The Magic Corner is perfect for blind corners due to the way the units store beside each other. This makes it easier to reach items that are stored at the back and you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. 

Whichever option you choose, it’s important to remember that no solution will be able to fully utilise all the available space. However, choosing an option that best suits your space combined with fulfilling the needs of your kitchen, will ensure that you use as much as possible. 

If you want to make sure that you are fulfilling all the potential for your corner cupboards, get in touch with one of our showrooms and our team of expert designers will be more than happy to help. 

What innovative ways have you used to tackle dead space in problematic corner cabinets? We’d love to see them, so why not share them with us on Facebook or Twitter. 

Kat Musselwhite – Howarth Blogger