How to ‘Marie Kondo’ your Kitchen

For many of us, the kitchen is the centre of the home and our current love for Instagram cleaning wonder Mrs Hinch and Declutter Goddess Marie Kondo has got us thinking about the chaos that is daily life in our kitchen spaces. For many of us, this chaos can mean that our enthusiasm and passion for cooking has begun to wane and so we thought we would channel our inner Kondo and Hinch with a few helpful tips.

Declutter. First things first. It is time to get rid of all that kitchen clutter you don’t need. If you’ve read Marie Kondo’s books and/or watched her TV series on Netflix, you’ll probably know that she is an advocate for only keeping things in your home that genuinely bring you joy. Whilst it’s unlikely that some of your kitchen equipment is ever going to spark joy in you, because they’re more practical than anything else, you should look at things and consider how much you use them.

Declutter your kitchen appliances

This could be things like:

  • Unused appliances such as bread makers, ice cream makers, toastie makers etc that you fully intended to use, but just don’t.
  • Pots and pans that collect dust in the far-off spaces at the back of your cupboards: think about those multiple items you’ve acquired over the years; the two woks or 5 mixing bowls that you’ve inherited from well-intended relations. Or even the pairs of things you gained when your life combined with your other half.
  • Utensils that just take up space; we’d all like to think that we’re culinary experts with our full set of chef’s knives but realistically, how many do you use? Monitor for a couple of weeks and think about getting rid of any.

This isn’t to say that you should throw away everything that doesn’t get used every day, because we all have things that are only used when we’re cooking a specific type of food that isn’t eaten all the time (for example, the tray for your Christmas Turkey). Just try to be realistic with your usage expectations.

Remember: It’s okay to admit that you don’t use something that had once sparked joy in you. Even more importantly, don’t feel bad if you were given it as a gift. Pass it along to someone you know will use it or donate it to your local charity shop.

Tidy Away and Clean. It’s so easy to want to have things out on display, for example your favourite mugs, your collection of herbs and spices or even your washing liquid. However it’s important to remember that the less “things” that you have on your work surfaces, the easier it is to wipe them down and you’re more likely to do it.

If you really don’t want to hide away your possessions, or you don’t have the cupboard and/or drawer space, the Linero Mosaiq System is a great alternative to placing things on worktops and allows you to fully utilise wall space that is often left empty whilst ensuring that the items you need daily are easily accessible. The system provides simple solutions for:

  • Utensils
  • Collections of knives (instead of having them in a knife block)
  • Paper Rolls
  • Salt and Pepper pots

Marie Kondo your Cutlery

Get into a Routine. As human beings, we love routines so if you’ve fallen into a rut of letting the pots stack up, try to get yourself into a routine where you wash up as you go along. If tasks begin to overwhelm you and you convince yourself that you don’t have enough time, try this easy method:

  1. Write down a list of small tasks that need doing
  2. Try getting stuff done in a short amount of time that doesn’t sound intimidating.
  3. Maybe set a timer for a short period of time and see how much you can get done. Got 30 minutes whilst dinner is in the oven? Perfect! And you already have the timer set, so why not take advantage of it.

If you struggle because you find certain tasks boring (don’t feel guilty, we all have tasks that we don’t enjoy!), find something that motivates you. For us, putting on headphones and listening to loud music is an excellent motivator, or perhaps try listening to an audiobook.

If you use diluted products, particularly for cleaning surfaces, think about purchasing spray bottles and having some ready-to-use so there’s no excuses.

Organise your Cleaning Products. Take advice from Instagram Clean Queen Mrs Hinch and create a “Narnia” under your sink for all your cleaning products, making sure that you label what everything is used for so that all members of your household know what they need to complete their chores, for example:

  • Sink
  • Work Tops
  • Hob
  • Floor

Place everything in baskets for easier identification of products that are used daily, weekly and monthly.

If you’re trying to encourage the kids to get involved, how about giving them their own basket with their own products to take responsibility for?

If space is a real issue for you, the Two Tier Pull & Towel Rail (links to a Storage Solution PDF that will open automatically) is another option as it allows you to utilise all your kitchen space and still create a mini Narnia for your products. At just 150mm, your towels can be hung with space below for washing products including scourers, sponges and wash liquid.

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Kat Musselwhite – HT Blogger