Is Your Kitchen Ready to Face The Future?

When investing in a kitchen it’s important to choose not only the best quality you can afford, but also to think about a ‘future-proof’ design:

  • How well will your kitchen withstand wear and tear?
  • How ergonomic is the scheme?
  • How easy might it be to adapt to changing circumstances?
  • Is your kitchen compatible with all the latest technology?
  • How will you use your kitchen in the years to come?

Apart from the arrangement of available space and choosing the latest in smart appliance technology, the other key consideration when future proofing your kitchen is the choice of surfaces. Ideally you want materials that are robust and user-friendly, and beautiful finishes that are also hygienic and easy to maintain – even repairable if necessary. You want surfaces to feel as good as they look, but also be capable of adapting easily to all the challenges of your unique home… whether that is one of space and shape, or perhaps a need for various levels to flow smoothly from one to the other.

What if you decide to change any of the integrated appliances at any point, or add extra features, how easily would your worktops adapt – could you make a simple, seamless change or would it require replacing a whole run of surfaces or splashbacks? What if your favourite cooking methods change, or you decide to take up a new creative hobby – one that could get a little ‘messy’ – but you don’t want to isolate yourself from the rest of the family? Or what if the child who loves to play freely with crayons today wants to paint their nails directly on your worktop in the coming years?

And what about our brave new wireless world… How about having the power to recharge your smart devices directly on the surface you are using, so you can dispense with trailing cables and maximise all available power sockets for other uses?

The Solution: Corian®

Corian® is the must-have solid surface that can serve as a reliable backdrop to the changing face of family life. Superbly malleable, it can be shaped into almost any design and is joined seamlessly to create a flowing finish that’s both sleek and hygienic.

Tough and stain resistant, it will stand the test of time, but should any accidental damage occur the homogenous nature of the material means it can usually be repaired easily, and on site. Because of its innate adaptability, Corian also works very well with other materials and with integrated appliances and technology. In fact, there is a pioneering solution called the Corian® Charging Surface, which allows you to power up your phone or tablet directly on your worktop or bespoke table top.

Long renowned as a trustworthy brand with a meaningful warranty and excellent service, Corian® does not rest on its laurels but is always looking to the future, and this forward-thinking attitude results in a regular stream of innovations that have been carefully researched and developed. These range from a blend of Corian® and stainless-steel sinks that are ideal for the era of the boiling water tap, to the ability to backlight your splashback or wall-cladding to striking effect.

What’s more, should you decide to move on from your current home, Corian® is a brand that’s known for adding value to a property and is regularly mentioned as a desirable sales feature in the property pages.  But even if you can’t bear to leave your beloved worktops behind, some homeowners have been known to take their Corian® with them when they move!

Available in 68 colours, specifically developed for use in the kitchen, Corian® has the perfect option to harmonise with your tastes or colour schemes – from perennially popular whites to a classic ‘mineral’ effect with subtle veining, to bold, bright colours and discreet pastels, or a matrix of subtle stone-like particles that are beautifully easy to live with. When thinking of the future of your kitchen, it pays to think Corian®.


Guest post by Corian.