Meet the Designer: Kris Kingsley

In this month’s Meet The Designer, I’ve been talking to York Kitchen Designer Kris Kingsley to find out more about him and what makes him tick.

Kris Kingsley

Kris Kingsley

All About The Job:

How Did You Get Started In This Career?

I fell into a furniture sales manager role at Focus DIY in the late 1990s, after I finished my job as a chef for the summer and found designing and selling kitchens to be a good fit for me.

How Long Have You Been In This Career?

All together, I have been in the home improvement section for around 14 years including working with kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and tiles.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job?

The variety of customers we get, combined with their joy when their project is completed.

Which Is Your Favourite Kitchen Range, And Why?

Tough question! I’d have to say Austin in a two-tone design, for example indigo and platinum.

What One Piece Of Advice Would You Give Someone Thinking About Buying A Kitchen?

Don’t rush. Plan well in advance and don’t be afraid to research. A new kitchen should be a long term investment, treat the design and buying process with the respect it deserves.

Personal Questions:

Who Or What Inspires You?

In the famous world Tiger Woods because amongst other reasons his perserverance to succeed despite some major obstacles that can be related to.

In the real world my son who drives me to be a better role model.

Where Is Your Favourite Place In The World?

On a golf course, with my girlfriend, ideally in the Turkish sun, or playing fetch with my crazy pooch in the field.

What Was The Last Film or TV Series You Watched?

After Life with Ricky Gervais. Great writing on a very emotive and sensitive subject.

The Most Important Question:

Is It A Cob, Bun, Bread Cake Or Something Else Entirely?

As a Londoner, I’d say bread roll.

Pay Kris a visit at the York branch to discuss all of your needs and to find the kitchen of your dreams.