The Truth about Quooker Taps

The traditional kettle. We all know it so well because it is one of the most important parts of our daily life; whether it’s creating our morning coffee, soothing colds, warming bellies with soup or helping us sleep with hot water bottles. However, no matter how much we love them and rely on them, kettles are an inefficient part of our home because we often heat up more water than we need which wastes time, electricity, water and money.  

According to the Energy Saving Trust “only using the kettle to boil the water that’s actually needed when it comes to making a brew could cut £7 off your annual bill.” but, let’s be honest, how many of us are going to do that, when habit encourages us to just fill the kettle to the top? 

Not only that, but kettles take a little time to heat water up and in this fast-paced world, we can’t get our coffee quick enough. 

So, what’s the alternative?  

The Quooker Tap 

This is an innovative kitchen tap from the Dutch brand Quooker; that has flipped the hot water industry on its head by combining instant hot water boilers with your standard domestic sink. The taps are designed to dispense boiling water instantly; saving you time and money. 

How does the Quooker Tap work? 

The tap fits to your sink in the exact same way as a conventional tap, however it has a Quooker tank connected to it that keeps water at a constant high temperature of 110 degrees and dispenses it at 100 degrees Celsius. 

Why is 100 degrees Celsius so important? 

Henri Peteri, the visionary behind the Quooker tap, reasoned that if the water is lower than 100 degrees Celsius, it would be hot rather than boiling, and would therefore not be enough to fully replace the kettle. 

As such, the Quooker is the only boiling water tap on the market that truly eliminates the need for a kettle in the home. 

Is the Quooker efficient? 

It’s easy to think that it sounds wasteful to have water heated and ready all the time, however the standby usage cost for the Quooker is a measly 3p a day, thanks to the Quooker boiler’s patented high-vacuum insulation. Furthermore, if you have a combi boiler in your home, your running costs should not be altered at all. 

How is the Flex different? 

The Flex is the first Quooker tap to include a flexible pull-out spray that is built into the design of the tap which adds practical functionality: 

  • Rinse dirty dishes easily and effectively with water from your standard hot and cold water supply. The pull-out hose allows you to focus the water exactly where you need it, helping to remove difficult spots on your pots and pans. 
  • Makes it easier to clean the sink, particularly in areas that a standard tap is unable to reach. 
  • Easier to add cold water to pots or pans that are too large or heavy to use beneath your tap for filling. So, just place the pan on the worktop and reach with the pull-out hose. 

Is the Quooker Safe for Children? 

Children combined with a tap that dispenses water at 100 degrees Celsius – quite understandably – sends a lot of people into a frenzy. There’s no denying that you need to be very careful when handling boiling hot water, however the Quooker is the perfect solution to the problem because there is a reduced risk of scalding occurring: 

  • Double Push and Turn Taps. Like how medicine bottles work, Quooker Taps need to be pushed down and turned in order to activate the boiling water functionality.  
  • Safety Stop. This ensure that once the spray hose is pulled out, the boiling water functionality automatically cuts off and if the hose is out, boiling water cannot pass through the tap. 
  • Insulated Spout. This guarantees that all parts of the taps spout are not hot to the touch, preventing scalds from otherwise hot metal. 
  • Light Indicators. These help you to distinguish when the hot water is activated; a red light indicates that the hot water is ready to be dispensed or when the tank is heating up, whilst a blue light indicates that you have selected the filtered water option. 
  • Aerated Water Spray. By aerating the water, this creates a fine flow rather than harsh jets which helps to prevent the likelihood of scalding. 

As such, it is safer to have a Quooker tap in your kitchen than a traditional kettle that can be accidentally tipped over.  

Uses for a Quooker Tap: 

  • Make a hot drink quickly 
  • Instant boiling water for cooking 
  • Pot Noodle or Cuppa Soup is ready in seconds 
  • Fill a hot water bottle 
  • Remove difficult articles, such as candle wax, efficiently 

 For more information, or to purchase a Quooker Tap, why not pop into your nearest Kitchen Showroom.