What we love about Neff Pyrolitic Ovens

Improve your cooking and save time and effort cleaning!

Oven cooking is simple and easy however most people really hate the cleaning process. It’s messy, dirty, difficult and often combined with intense and unpleasant smells from chemical cleaning solutions. It’s a chore that a lot of people avoid – a task so hated that many would prefer to pay a company to come into their homes and do it for them!

What’s not to love about an oven that takes care of the cleaning process for you!

The Neff Pyrolitic oven self-cleans while still offering the benefits of a Neff Slide&Hide oven. Forget about elbow grease, with the simple press of a button you will have a shiny clean oven again in just over an hour.

How does it clean?

• Select the relevant cleaning programme based on how dirty your oven is.
• The oven will then heat itself to 485 degrees. This intense heat turns any dirt or cooking residue to ash that you can then simply wipe away!
• If you do not need a full clean cycle, every Neff Pyrolitic Self-Cleaning oven comes with an EasyClean option.

How does it handle the heat?

As mentioned above, the oven heats to 485 degrees in order to clean, this is much higher than food would be cooked at, however Neff have taken every precaution to ensure that it is still safe and able to handle such high temperatures.
• Four panes of glass in the door ensure safe temperatures
• The inbuilt cooling fan is programmed to boost during the cleaning process. This eliminates the risk of damage to furniture in contact with the oven
• When the internal oven temperature goes above 300 degrees, the door is programmed to lock and cannot be opened again until the cleaning cycle has finished and the oven has returned to safer temperatures.