When Howarth at Home met Peter Sidwell

Howarth at Home are excited to announce that we will be joining forces with TV Chef, Peter Sidwell. We’re working together to showcase a series of recipes to our blog which will take classic, popular British recipes that we all love, and show you how to make them even better! 

To celebrate, back in July, our Howarth at Home Marketing Team spent the day with the acclaimed chef at his Cookery School in Keswick, Cumbria with the intention of: 

  • Seeing how recipes are put together 
  • Learning more about the techniques used in food photography 

Who is Peter Sidwell? 

Peter Sidwell is a renowned TV chef, known for his work on Channel 4 series Lakes on a Plate and has written several books under his Simply Good franchise.  

Peter and Howarth at Home have worked together for several years, with Peter being a regular sight at many of our showroom launches and open days, who many of you may have attended. 

What We Made: 

The Spec: Peter’s logic was to take a classic baked product and create recipes with a twist, that were full of distinctive flavour, with the intention of pulling us away from the standard boring versions that most of us normally make. For each recipe, we were given the freedom to choose which season we wanted to bake for and ingredients were chosen by us that would fit in with that season. 

  • Summer Bunt Cake 
    • With: Summer Fruits with Lemon and Elderflower 
  • Christmas Scones. 
    • With: Figs, Cinnamon, Orange Zest and Walnuts 

This helped us to understand the type of recipes that we felt our customers would be interested in, as many of us agreed that we were stuck in cooking ruts: creating recipes that we were comfortable with, following recipes and not daring to play with flavours or textures. 

Food Photography Techniques: 

Peter taught us about the power of angles and lighting, as well as the importance of props to create a specific type of look. 

We were able to play an active role in setting up the shots of both the bunt cake and scones, allowing us to create the overall feel that we were looking for to fit with the Howarth at Home brand. 

Ratinder on setting up the Bunt Cake: 

“I really enjoyed the setting up because it brought back memories from my college time, when I did photography. I liked the colours of the accessories (cake stand, jug, cloth etc), which made the bunt cake, fruit and lemons stand out and gave the feeling of [a] heritage theme, afternoon tea which I wanted. 

One of the other interesting things was that when we set the display up, I thought ‘that’s perfect’ but didn’t realise that looking through the camera lens it didn’t look as perfect as I thought! There’s definitely an artistic skill or flair require to do this.” 


 Come back soon for our first recipe from Peter Sidwell.


Kat Musselwhite – HT Blogger