Basins & Pedestals

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Basins & Pedestals

All bathrooms will need a wash basin/sink, which will be made from ceramic and typically comes in one of three forms: 

  • Stand-alone basin, attached to the wall. This is a great solution if you don’t have a great deal of space, for example in a cloakroom toilet, as it frees up some space for under-basin storage.
  • Pedestals. The basin will sit atop of the pedestal, which in turn serves the purpose of hiding the sinks plumbing. Pedestals are another space-saving solution, as many under-basin storage is designed to work around them. Pedestals are also useful in terms of design, whether you are looking for something curved or angular.
  • Vanity Unit. Vanity Units are an excellent solution if you need some extra storage, as in most cases the space below the basin is “dead-space”.

Which wash basin you choose, and which of the above styles will depend on what overall style you are looking to achieve with your bathroom, as a whole.


Most basins will feature two pre-drilled holes that are designed for fitting the hot and cold taps. Whilst some basin and pedestal sets may include taps, it is easy to replace them with ones that better match your style, which is great if you have purchased a wash basin from a different collection to your WC, therefore potentially having a different style of taps.