Endfeed Fittings

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Endfeed Fittings

Manufactured from copper, we offer a wide variety of Endfeed Fittings that are affordable without sacrificing high-quality and durability. Our range of fittings comes in sizes from 8mm up to 28mm and includes:

End Feed Stop Ends – Used when you want to end a run of piping, and/or stop the overall movement through the pipes. This could be used temporarily whilst maintenance is occurring to prevent movement in the area that you are working on, for example.

End Feed Straight Coupler – The simplest method of connecting a piece of piping into your plumbing system.

End Feed Coupler – Another option to connect piping, when a 90-degree angle is necessary.

End Feed Fitting Reducer – Choose this fitting if you need to connect two pieces of piping that are not the same size in diameter.

End Feed Tap Connector – Easily fit a tap to your system using this connection fitting.