Compact Radiators

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Compact Radiators

Howarth Timber & Building Supplies’ range of high performance compact radiators are the perfect solution to warming up any room in your house.

Compact radiators are mainly popular due to their neat, compact and simple design, compact radiators will fit in with traditional or modern interiors. They are different to standard radiators, as they have top grilles and side panels. They come in three forms:

Single Panel with a Single Convector: These come in various heights from 300mm up to 750mm. These are the most commonly used compact radiator, as they are the cheapest, and are best suited for use in small rooms such as box bedrooms or offices.
Double Panel with a Single Convector: These are available from 400mm in height, up to 750mm in height. This has both a front and a back panel, and a single convector that is positioned in the middle. These are great for small to medium sized rooms, as the double panels offer more heat than the single panel option.
Double Panel with Double Convector: These radiators are available in heights from 300mm to 750mm, and have both a back and a front panel, as well as two convectors which are great for creating larger heat outputs, without the need for a larger radiator.

Pros of Compact Radiators:

They sit fairly close to the wall, and are considered to be a “neat” radiator.
The style makes them ideal for drying clothing, as heat rises through the grilles on top.

Cons of Compact Radiators:

As they are so close to the wall, and because the top is one long grille, compact radiators can be difficult to dust, no matter which style you opt for.
Compact Radiators cannot be bent to fit below bay windows.