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Treating your water with chemicals is imperative in keeping maintenance and running costs of your central heating system down. 

Your central heating system is the perfect place for corrosion if it hasn’t been prepared and protected properly as heating the water accelerates the problem of corrosion.

How do chemicals stop future problems?
Chemicals form part of a flushing system that work at protecting the internals of your central heating system, by removing both corrosion and lime scale that will eventually cause problems. In most cases, these chemicals are specifically designed to work with Steel, Aluminium and Copper to ensure that no build-up is allowed to occur, no matter what your pipework is made from.

Some chemicals are also designed to remove sludge and flux residue.

It is important to know that whilst some chemicals should be left in your system, there are some that should not be left in the system, therefore it is imperative that you check before adding any product.


Howarth Timber & Building Supplies have the chemical system protection you need to ensure corrosion doesn’t happen rapidly.