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Bathroom Suites

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For most people, a bathroom is a simple room with a toilet, sink and a bath and/or shower. However, a bathroom has the potential to be so much more than that. Perhaps you want a bathroom that is sleek and ultra-modern, or maybe you are looking for something more traditional. Perhaps you are looking for a space-saving solution, or maybe you are on a really tight budget.

Whatever you are looking for Howarth Timber & Building Supplies can help to completely transform your bathroom space, including:

Complete Bathroom Suites. Order everything that you need to match your specific style and requirements in one easy package. This is great if you are looking to completely replace everything in your bathroom or toilet space.
Space Saving Suites. These are perfect if you are looking to convert a small space, for example an under stairs cupboard or cloakroom in to a toilet, with smaller sized basins offering practical solutions including under-basin towel rails.
Budgets. A low budget doesn’t have to mean a lack of quality, with these packages you’ll receive everything that you need at a fraction of the cost.


What is included in a Full Bathroom Suite?
Typically, Full Bathroom suites will include all of the basic “sanitary” items:

Toilet. This will include a Cistern, and will be either freestanding or attached to the wall.
Wash Basin. Most commonly sinks are attached to the wall, and/or perched on top of a pedestal. However, it is becoming more common to utilise the once wasted space below the basin with cupboard space.
Bath. These days’ baths come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles with various forms of functionality including Jacuzzi showers.

However, it is also becoming popular for bathroom suites to also include:

Showers. Most commonly found as part of a bath, so as to save space, shower cubicles may also form part of larger bathroom suites.
Bidets. Although not popular in the UK, Bidets could form part of your suite.

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Suite:

Consider how much space you have, and how much you can fit into your bathroom. For example, don’t buy a bath, if you only have enough space for a shower.
On the other hand, consider what you actually want. If you have space for a bath, but would prefer a shower or perhaps even need a shower, don’t take up space with something you don’t need. Utilise any free space with storage, or even a spot for a Linen Basket.
Decide what style you want: take into consideration your personality and the overall style of your home.
Consider your budget, and look at what you can realistically afford.


It is always recommended to have a qualified plumber install your bathroom, and remember that an Electrician will be needed to install an electric shower.