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Category Information

Taps are often seen as a practical part of your bathroom, however they can be much more than that. They can be chosen to create a certain “feel” or style in your bathroom, or perhaps you might choose your taps based on your individual needs and circumstances.

At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies we have a broad range of taps available that will look fantastic in your bathroom:

Mixers work by combining the hot and cold valves so that the water comes out of one tap. The valves can be adjusted individually to reach a desired water temperature. 

Levers are designed to be either lifted up or moved sideways rather than twisted to power. These are particularly ideal for anyone who struggles to use conventional metal head taps.

Basin Taps are usually either metal head or lever-based taps, allowing you to choose between traditional and contemporary.

Fillers are similar to Mixers and are ideal for replacing existing separate taps.