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Wireless Heating Controls are an increasingly popular option amongst both installers and home owners as there is no time-consuming need to install wiring around your home, which can of course cause a lot of mess and commotion, not to mention the fact that wires are also not very attractive. By taking out the need for wiring, installation of your new Controls will be much quicker. 

This makes Wireless Heating Controls the perfect solution for a heating system that does not have an existing set of controls that could be utilised. It is also a great solution if the existing Heating Controls are not in a position that is convenient to reach.

How do Wireless Heating Controls work?
The Wireless Heating Controls send a digital signal to the receiver unit, which will either be with the boiler or within the airing cupboard.

If it’s Wireless, how are the Heating Controls powered?
Wireless Heating Controls are normally powered by battery, which are typically the standard AA Batteries which can be found in most supermarkets.

Will they suffer from Wi-Fi interference?
It’s true that a lot of wireless products – including Broadband Wireless Routers – are prone to suffering interference, and some metal objects, such as TVs, may disrupt the signal however your Wi-Fi should not, as it uses differently coded signals.