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Copper Tube

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Copper is a popular choice of material for plumbing-based tubing, and has been the most common type of tube used to supply water to both hot and cold taps since indoor plumbing became the norm in British homes. There are various reasons behind copper’s popularity, including:

·         Natural. Copper is not synthetic or man-made, but is a natural product that is environmentally friendly

·         Strength. Copper is a naturally lightweight material, however it is also incredibly rigid meaning that even when you use long lengths of copper tubing it won’t sag.

·         Longevity. Copper won’t crumble or crack over time, meaning that you don’t have to worry about replacing it

·         Leak-proof. Once installed, joints are completely leak proof

·         Corrosion-Resistant. Corrosion can be a big problem for plumbing systems due to the natural minerals that exist in mains water supplies, however copper will not be weakened by corrosion.