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Float Valves

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At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies we offer a broad range of Float Valves that are ideal as a replacement if the water in your toilet’s cistern stops refilling with water. The Unifill 4 in 1 Float Valve is ideal for all cisterns, as it offers threads of 1/2in, as well as 3/8in. You can also purchase Bottom Entry or Side Entry Valves, depending on the type of cistern that you have, both of which are available in various sizes:

  • 1/2in
  • 3/8in

The Side and Bottom Float Valves are also available with Brass Threads, and they can all be adjusted easily by height, making them convenient for smaller cisterns, as well as larger ones. We can also supply float valves that are designed for use in concealed cisterns.

Many of our valves have a uni-button that allows for easy access if any part of your cistern need repairing.

No matter what type of toilet you have, it is guaranteed that we will have a Float Valves to suit its needs.