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Towel Rails

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There is nothing more daunting than stepping out of a hot shower on a cold winters morning, to be greeted by a cold bathroom and a just as cold towel. Towel Rails are just the solution, plus they are an excellent modern-style addition to any bathroom. 

How do Towel Rails work?
Towel Rails work in the same way as most conventional radiators. The boiler sends hot water through the pipes and into the Towel Rail, which then heats up.

Choosing the Right Towel Rail:
Getting the right towel rail for your family needs is important, as getting it wrong could leave you with a very (very) expensive piece of wall art!

Pay attention to the type of towel rail that you purchase. Some are known to do nothing more than act as a towel warmer, and offer nothing in terms of heating the bathroom, whilst others work wonderfully as performing both tasks. The easiest way to ensure that you make the right choice, is by understanding a little about heating elements. Towel rails typically come in wattages of between 80watts and 200watts (although higher ones are available), and – as you can probably guess – the higher wattages are going to give you more heat to warm the room up. Also, check that your Towel Rail meets BS EN 442 Standards.

If you want to use your towel rail to warm towels throughout the summer months, you should ensure that it won’t leave you with sky high energy bills.

Consider using a timer to control exactly when the rail is turned out: this will greatly help to reduce bills.

Which Material?
Towel rails are available in a variety of metals, with stainless steel being a popular choice, not only because it looks nice (and shiny), but also because stainless steel won’t corrode. Chrome can be a little hit-and-miss, with cheaper chrome rails being known to easily corrode once moisture has managed to consume the plating.

Other options include: Aluminium and Brass.

Pros of Towel Rails:

  • Your towels are always nice and toasty warm – even more lovely during the chilly months
  • You don’t have to worry about your towels not drying properly.
  • They look great. There is no doubt that towel rails are a good-looking type of radiator and many people view them as trendy, but practical modern art. They’re like art for the bathroom. 

Cons of Towel Rails:

  • Towel Rails can potentially get very hot, and due to the shape and style it’s easy to burn fingers on them. Families with small children will need to be careful.
  • Turning on your whole central heating system, just to warm up one towel, can seem a little over-the-top - particularly during the summer months