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Category Information

Renewable products are essential for ensuring that the future has clean air and water for our children. They work by using natural sources such as the sun, wind and water to create energy that heats your home and/or powers your electricity. Renewable products are therefore using an energy source that is sustainable, unlike fossil fuels such as gas and coal which are very quickly running out.

Not only are Fossil Fuels depleting rapidly, the after-effects of using them (smoke etc) is very dirty and a key player in damage caused to our planet’s atmosphere. Renewable energy, however, is clean as there is nothing to be burnt, thus preventing the emission of toxic fumes. Therefore, by using Renewable energy sources, you are protecting the environment whilst ensuring excellent air quality for the future.

At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies we offer PV Panels and Solar Thermal Panels that are powered by the sun’s rays to power and heat your home.

What is the difference between PV Panels and Solar Thermal?

Quite simply, PV Panels create electricity, whilst Solar Thermal warms up your water. Therefore, PV Panels will save you money on your electricity bill, whilst Solar Thermal will save you money on your gas bill.