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PV Panels

PV Panels

PV Panels

Zenex Solar (Solar PV)
Zenex Solar (Solar PV)
Zenex Solar (Solar PV)

What does PV mean?

PV stands for “Photovoltaic”. Most people will recognise this as Solar Panels, which is the most common term for this process.

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Why use PV Panels?

PV Panels utilise the sun’s rays to power all of your household appliances and lighting, meaning that you do not need to rely entirely on the national grid to power your home. This will help you to reduce your electricity bills drastically, especially in the knowledge that PAV Panels work well even when it is cloudy outside. 

Another perk is that PV Panels allow you to reduce your carbon footprint.


Some people believe that solar energy works by energy being stored up inside the panels, but this is actually not the case. Any energy that is not used travels back to the national grid, which might sound rubbish, however, by doing so you are effectively selling the energy you have created to the National Grid, and you can make a little money, as well as saving it. 

Do PV Panels need maintaining?

Typically no. The slanted design of roofing in the UK generally means that most PV Panels will be cleaned naturally by Mother Nature every time it rains. However, you may choose to clean them during warmer weather, when there is little rain and/or if they get particularly dirty as a result of bird droppings or any other form of debris.

Can I heat my home using PV Panels?

No. PV Panels can only produce electricity. If you want to heat your water, you will need to purchase Solar Thermal products.

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