Screws, including slotted, pozi, countersunk and hidden deck fasteners, available in branch and online. Various sizes and finishes are available, all of which are extremely hardwearing and durable for multipurpose use. Browse our selection of screws online, or contact your local friendly Howarth team for help and advice.


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  • Dalepax Countersunk Woodscrew Twin Thread Zinc Plated

    Dalepax Countersunk Woodscrew Twin Thread Zinc Plated

    The Dalepax Countersunk Woodscrew with a twin thread is suitable for applications or projects that require extra strength fixings. The zinc plating gives it extra protection against corrosion.


Types of screws:

  • Slotted
  • Pozi
  • Teks
  • Hidden Deck Fasteners

Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure a screw
You can measure a screw in inches from the tip to where the screw head rests to get the length.
What are screws made of?
We have different materials of screws on offer, such as wood screws, sheet metal screws, roundhead screws, machine screws and lag screws.
What size deck screws are there?
We have a wide range of different deck screws, which all come in different sizes. To know which size the deck screws are, you need the gauge, length, and thread size. The gauge is the diameter of the screw. The higher the gauge, the larger the screw. For deck screw, you are likely looking at either 8- or 10-gauge screws. To be specific, 8 gauge roughly equals a diameter of 4mm. A common rule of thumb for the length of a screw is that a screw needs to go at least halfway into the wood beneath the piece you are attaching. But when attaching deck boards into joists, a 2.5” deck screw is usually long enough since over half the screw is buried in the joist. For the thread size, screws that are wood, deck or multi-purpose and rated for treated-wood use are going to have a similar thread size.