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Making the Right Choice

Making the Right Choice

The type and style of property you decide to build should be selected with care. Not only must it suit the local planning authorities, but it must also be appropriate for your plot, your lifestyle and your budget. Indeed, most people choose to build their own property so that it can be designed to suit their needs perfectly. 

When considering your proposed home style, it is important to consider the needs of everyone intending to live in the property. Think also of the future, and whether these needs may alter as time goes by, particularly if this is to be your retirement home; has more information on designing your home to literally, last a lifetime.

Childrens’ needs are the most changeable. Designing a home to suit babies or toddlers may be convenient now, but may not be suitable once they have become teenagers. You want to hear them when they are little but will you want such good acoustics when they are older?

Older children will eventually leave the family home, and thought should be given to alternative uses for bedrooms etc. Stairs, doorways and storage spaces should be designed with a view to future mobility. Some of the steeper stair rises permitted by building regulations may not be suitable for elderly people.

Special consideration should be given to the orientation of the property. The morning sun is a pleasure but decide whether your priority is for morning or evening sun in your main rooms, or on a patio. Having the sun on a room for most of the day can be very hot and can quickly fade furnishings and make it difficult to see TV or computer monitors.

Howarth’s team of self build experts are on hand to offer help and advice at any stage of the self build process.