About Trex

Ideal for commercial or residential projects, Trex® composite decking offers performance standards to meet the most demanding requirements.

Each year, 1.3 billion shopping bags and £300m worth of waste wood is prevented for reaching landfill, as Trex recycles and reclaims them to create an array of innovative Trex Decking UK products. 

The Trex composite deck system is one of the most weather resistant decking products on the market. It is designed to be low maintenance, promising not to warp, split or splinter, it will never require staining, oiling or painting and will look as good in ten years as it does today - which is why it is offered with a 10-year limited warranty on commercial composite decking applications and 25-year limited warranty for domestic applications. 

Where convenience and low-maintenance are paramount, Trex composite decking offers a genuinely sustainable solution from a company who has never chopped down a single tree, and never intends to.

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