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Tega Guarantee

Tega Guarantee

EN residential warranty (20 years)

The Tega residential warranty applies only to Engineered floors installed in a room intended solely for residential purposes. An individual written warranty may be requested from the manufacturer or through the distributor for other applications. The legal warranty in the country of purchase remains fully applicable.

Unilin Flooring division, guarantees that, as from the date of purchase, Engineered floors bearing the trade mark Tega Engineered, hereinafter referred to as “products”, are free of manufacturing errors or material defects. This residential warranty is for 20 Years. The invoice date is valid as date of purchase. The original, dated purchase invoice, marked with the stamp of the distributor or retailer, must be presented.

The residential warranty may only be invoked if all the following conditions are met.

Consult the manufacturer, distributor or retailer in case of doubt.

1. The residential warranty applies only to the first owner and to the first installation of the floor and is not transferable. The person mentioned as the buyer on the purchase invoice shall be considered as the first owner. This warranty applies to all purchases of high quality Tega products after the date when these warranty conditions were issued (see below).

2. The residential warranty applies solely to defects inherent in the products supplied. This term covers the material and production defects recognised by the manufacturer, including delamination of the top layer. Unilin Flooring division, has the option of repairing or replacing defective products with products in stock at the time the complaint was accepted. There will be no other form of compensation.

3. The warranty on the Locking system connection applies only to open joints wider than 0.2 mm.

4. The Tega Engineered floor must be installed in accordance with the Tega installation method. It must be possible to provide proof that the installation and maintenance instructions were followed as recommended by the manufacturer. The installation and maintenance instructions can be found in the flooring packaging (in 1 out of 3 boxes) or in any separate accessories packaging. If the instructions are missing, they must be requested from the manufacturer or the distributor/ retailer.

If the installation is not carried out by the end-user, the installer must provide the end-user with at least one copy of the installation and maintenance instructions, as well as the warranty conditions (also in 1 box out of 3).

5. The damage to the product must be clear and measure at least 1 cm2. Damage caused by erroneous or improper use, such as damage of a mechanical nature such as indentations caused by severe knocks or falling objects, scratches – caused by dragging furniture, for example – are not covered by the residential warranty.

The legs of furniture must always be fitted with the appropriate protectors. Furniture on wheels must be fitted with soft wheels, or an appropriate protective carpet laid or protective cups placed under such furniture.

6. Floor panels or accessories must be carefully checked in daylight for visible defects and during installation. Products with visible defects must under no circumstances be installed.

7. In the case of hidden defects (defects that are not visible before or during installation), the costs of removing, repairing or re-laying the product will be paid by the purchaser. If the product was originally installed by a professional, Unilin Flooring division may cover reasonable labour costs that correspond to the current labour costs in the relevant market. Unilin Flooring division may never be held liable for any secondary or incidental damage.

8. Bringing in sand and/or grit from outside must be avoided by placing a suitable mat near the entrance door(s).

9. The floor must not be installed in damp and/or humid rooms, in extremely dry rooms or in rooms with extremely high temperatures (such as saunas).

10. Any fluid spilt on the floor or near the skirting boards or profiles must always be removed as quickly as possible. Clean the floor only in accordance with the Elka maintenance instructions using the correct maintenance kit. Damage caused by flooding, leakages, Spillages or cleaning with excessive amounts of water and/or the wrong cleaning materials is always excluded from the warranty.

11. If one of the above-mentioned defects is discovered, the distributor must be informed thereof immediately within 15 days of discovery of the defect. Once this period has expired, no further complaints will be accepted. Under no circumstances may Unilin Flooring division be held liable for consequential damage, including such things as loss of time, inconvenience, expenses and other costs resulting directly or indirectly from the complaint.


For any service-provision under this warranty, it is best to contact your local Tega retailer or you can send your proof of purchase and a description of your complaint to:

UNILIN, Division Technical, – The Academy, Unit 21 Guinness Road Trading Estate, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1SB

[email protected] T +44 161 877 6955 – F +44 161 877 4943