Training Academy

Training Academy

It is said that knowledge is power! The extensive selection of online courses on this site have been selected to give you confidence in a wide range of specialisms and products.

The courses come from leading industry trade bodies and manufacturers, and have been provided for the training of our own Howarth Timber staff, so we know they are relevant and beneficial.

We are pleased to now be able to offer these invaluable online training courses to our valued customers.

The aim of the Howarth Timber Training Academy is to assist the staff of companies who do not have readily available access to product information. It is also intended to help development and growth of any trainee or apprentices, which the company may employ. Plus, additionally assist those who wish to improve their general product knowledge.

We also hope that by providing this information and opportunity it will help you gain a wider understanding of the products the Howarth Timber Group supply and, where applicable, the correct method of installation and maintenance.

The Benefits
Each course has a set pass rate and participants are tested at the end to see if they have reached the required level of knowledge. If this is the case you will be able to print off and keep a certificate to showcase this achievement.

We will also look to provide an additional reward, which will be tailored to the product area the course that has been taken – this could be in the form of an additional discount voucher for online or in-store purchases, or an exclusive limited offer which we have agreed with the manufacturers.

Terms and conditions for rewards may apply. For full information please contact us on 0330 119 2509.

Getting Started 
If you’re new to the Academy then you will need to register by clicking here.

For existing trainees looking to restart a course or select a new one, please login.

In the event that you experience any issue or problems with the selected course please contact us on the following number 0330 119 2509.

Thank you for your interest in the Howarth Timber Training Academy.