What is Decking? 

Wooden Decking is a type of flooring that is used outdoors in place of grass or traditional concrete / slab-based paving. It is typically raised and often connects to a building. Decking is most commonly used in domestic gardens; however, it is also a popular choice for commercial situations. 

Uses for Timber Decking 

Timber Decking is most commonly used as part of your garden landscaping; however other uses include: 

  • Extending the living area of your home, and often attached to the building, this type of decking pairs nicely with French Doors pulling the interior and exterior spaces together 
  • Alternative patio area. Concrete slabs are a popular choice of the patio; however, decking is arguably more attractive.  
  • Areas surrounding swimming pools to create a warm and interesting vibe. 

Whether you are working on a new project in your own garden or for a client or renovating an existing outdoor space, we offer a wide range of timber products and accessories designed to make the experience easier for you. Our decking range includes: 

Decking Boards 

With softwood, hardwood and composite options available, our Decking Boards are suitable for use in both commercial and domestic situations. Choosing the right material for your boards is important as it affects the overall aesthetic achieved for your space. 

Decking Rails, Newels, and Posts 

Designed to complement your timber decking, decking rails, newels and posts are a nice finishing touch that is great for the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space, as well as being a practical solution for the safety of your family and friends.  

Decking Fixings 

Decking Fixings are a crucial part of your decking system, as they ensure that everything is properly secured into place. We offer a range of hidden deck fasteners that are perfect if you are looking for fixings that are discreet and safer for areas that will be used by pets and/or small children. 

Decking Finishes 

We have a variety of preservatives and treatments that are designed to prolong the lifespan of your decking whilst improving the overall appearance of the wood.