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Composite Decking

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Traditionally, decking is made from timber, however, composite decking boards are an excellent alternative that has seen immense growth in popularity since the 1990s. 

What is Composite Decking? 

If something is ‘composite’, it is made up of various parts and in the sense of composite decking, those parts are typically reclaimed timber that has been blended with plastics from a range of sources including carrier bags. 

What are the benefits of using Composite Decking Boards? 

At Howarth Timber, we are leading composite decking suppliers, offering Trex Decking that is a range that offers each of the following qualities: 

  • Stronger. Composite Decking is stronger and denser than wood, making it a more reliable alternative. 
  • Environmentally Friendly. Manufactured from recycled products, composite decking boards are designed to be friendly to the environment. 
  • Appearance. Unlike timber, composite decking doesn’t age over time, so the rich colour options in stunning shades of browns and greys are going to last without fading or discolouring. Most importantly, the decking boards won’t warp, rot or split. 
  • Waterproof. Resistant against damaging mould and mildew 
  • Low Maintenance. Can be cleaned with just soap and water, without the requirement for expensive treatments thus helping to keep maintenance costs down 

How to Lay Decking 

Read our in-depth guide for how to lay decking. The guide includes: 

  • Maintenance tips 
  • Before you start 
  • Preparing the site 
  • Attaching the joists, newel posts, spindles, handrail, and steps 
  • Decking queries 
  • Technical guidance