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Gravel Boards

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Softwood and Concrete Gravel Boards are designed to create a barrier between the moisture-rich ground and your timber fencing. 

Why are Gravel Boards necessary? 

If moisture from the ground can reach your wood fence panels or boards, it is likely that eventually, the moisture will penetrate the surface into the core of the timber which over time will cause rot and decay, thus shortening the lifespan of your fencing. Replacing an entire length of fencing due to decay can be costly as well as time-consuming and rot is one of the most common reasons why you might need to replace your fencing. 

The Gravel Boards lift the fencing off the ground and away from the potential moisture. This lift is also a simple method of adding a little extra height to your fence. 

Softwood or Concrete Gravel Boards? 

Softwood Gravel Boards are a cost-effective option that many people opt for as they look attractive and generally match the fencing. The downside of purchasing softwood ones is that the timber is likely to decay quicker, however, if they are pressure treated the lifespan can be extended.  

Concrete Gravel Boards are substantially more expensive than the softwood alternative, however, they are resilient against rotting and decay meaning that they will last longer. Concrete is also heavier than timber, meaning that it can be more difficult to move into position. 

Which option you choose is down to personal taste, as even though they need replacing more often, timber gravel boards are the more attractive of the two. On the other hand, it could also depend on how much you would prefer to pay up front; if you are happy to pay a larger amount and then have the convenience of not needing to worry, opt for the concrete gravel boards, however, if you would prefer to keep costs in smaller chunks, softwood is a great option.