Rails & Palings

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Rails & Palings

Fence Rails and Fence Palings are two options for creating a border for your property when a boarded or panelled option isn’t necessary as privacy and security aren’t important. 

What is the Difference between Fence Rails and Fence Palings? 

The most obvious distinction between the two types of fencing is essentially the direction that they are installed in. Rails are positioned horizontally, whilst palings are installed vertically.  

Another difference is where they tend to be used. Fence Rails are most commonly used in agricultural situations, around fields, along large driveways and in circumstances where appearance or security isn’t the most important factor but rather creating a divide or border for an area. Livestock can easily be controlled with Fence Rails are wiring or mesh can be fixed to it. 

Fence Palings, on the other hand, are a more attractive option that is often romanticised as ‘picket fence’. It is commonly used for areas where privacy and security are less important than appearance.