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Door Casings

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Door casings are a moulding profile which frame a door or window. This can be used as a decorative moulding and covers any space or gap between the drywall and frame.

What is the difference between a door frame and casing?

Door frames are generally used for external doors. Internal door casings and internal door linings are used for internal door use.

Door casing gap

There should be a door casing gap of 2mm around the sides and the top and a gap of 8mm around the bottom of the door.

Howarth Timber and Building Supplies offer untrenched casing sets which give you the freedom to place the grooves where you want them. This is useful if you are installing doors that are a non-standard size. 

We also have firecheck options for both door casings and linings that are compatible with fire doors, helping to ensure that your door frameworks to protect your home in the event of a fire.