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What is Dado Rail? 

Sometimes referred to as chair rail, Dado Rail is a strip of moulding that is fitted to a wall horizontally. Dado Rail is most commonly used for decorative purposes, and not to protect walls from chair backs, as its nickname suggests. 

In architecture, the area below it is known as the Dado and usually features something decorative such as panelling. Traditionally this was done to hide the effects of rising damp that was more common in housing in the past.  

What are Handrails? 

A hand rail is usually fitted to the wall or forms part of a bannister and runs beside a staircase. Its main purpose is to offer stability to anyone who is walking up or down the stairs, to prevent falls. They are particularly useful for anyone with mobility restrictions, such as small children, the elderly and the disabled. 

Hand rails are also found in a variety of other situations including: 

  • Ballet studios, as supports for ballerinas who are training. 
  • Ship Corridors, to support passengers and staff when the sea is particularly rough, making movement difficult.