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Category Information

Oriented Strand Board, OSB is a wood-based sheet material that can be used as a building board that is durable, but versatile. It is sourced from the trees that are removed as part of the thinning process. Trees are removed so that space is created to allow others to grow bigger.   

It was originally introduced into the market as an alternative to plywood and is made with wooden strips positioned using a cross-grain technique. This design will also ensure that the board is less likely to warp or split. It is also capable of handling more stress; is stronger and more stable than alternatives. 

Several layers of fibre are compressed and bonded with resin adhesive using high levels of pressure and heat. 


OSB is available in two grades, both of which are suitable for structural use:   

OSB2 can be used only in dry conditions and for non-load bearing applications including Site hoardings, Packaging, such as crates and pallets, DIY, Shelving, Sheds and Exhibition displays  

OSB3 can be used in both dry and humid conditions (moisture in the air), in both commercial and domestic situations, including all applications that OSB2 can be used for, as well as Flooring, Wall sheathing, Timber frames, Agricultural buildings and Roofing (both pitched and flat).  

The sheet material is FSC certified, meaning that all materials were taken from sustainable sources.