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What is OSB Board? 

Short for Oriented Strand Board, OSB is like particle board and was originally created as an alternative to plywood. As such it is made up using the same cross-grain technique used for plywood, which offers the following benefits: 

  • Prevents warping 
  • Stability and strength are both improved, as the board can withstand stress 
  • Less chance of splitting 

OSB is simple to identify because it is made by lying the wood strips in a more random and uneven manner to plywood (which is laid at neat 90-degree angles). It is renowned for being durable and versatile offering exceptional load-bearing properties. 

OSB comes in two grades: OSB2 and OSB3; both are designed to be tough and versatile, however, OSB3 differs in that it is manufactured so that it can be used in environments that are known for being humid or damp. 

What is OSB used for? 

OSB is typically heavier than plywood, however, this is not known to affect its overall performance. It is suitable for use as a sheathing for: 

  • Floors 
  • Walls 
  • Roof Decking