Treatments & Finishes

Treatments & Finishes

Treatments & Finishes

Timber is, of course, a natural product and as a natural product it is susceptible to a variety of factors:

  • Decay and Rot
  • Becoming a breeding ground for organisms, such as moulds
  • Timber is likely to fade naturally with sunlight exposure and oxidation. 

Inevitably, each of these factors can be a huge problem for cladding as it looks unattractive and will require repairing and/or replacing very quickly.

Purchasing a pre-treated cladding is an ideal solution to this problem, however treatments and finishes are available from Howarth Timber & Building Supplies that protect your timbers from discolouring, mould and attacks from insects.

Choosing the Right Treatment and Finish for Cladding
Treatments aim to protect the wood in the long-term, therefore it is crucial to apply one as soon as possible. 

The market is saturated with products to treat most kinds of timber for a multitude of purposes. The problem, however, is knowing which ones you actually need. To help you work out with product to use, you will need to know a few important factors: 

  • What species of timber are you using? Some products are designed for specific ones, so it’s important to take this into account
  • Where is the cladding going to be placed? This might seem like a strange question, but you are more likely to be concerned about discolouration (for example) of timber that will be in full view, than you are of timber that faces out on nothing, or is hidden away.

Some treatments – due to the nature of wood – are an absolute necessity, such as Fire Retardant Treatments.