Trellis Panels are a common part of British gardening, and their popularity is likely to stem from their multiple uses:

  • They’re great for creating divisions between different areas of your outdoor space, without making any part look or feel isolated, due to their “open” appearance
  • On the other hand, they can be used to create a little privacy, in a way that looks more attractive than standard fencing
  • They can become part of your garden, as they are ideal for climbing plants, such as roses, grapevines, ivy etc, thanks to the Lattice-style.
  • When used for climbing plants, Trellis can make beautiful centre pieces, including arch ways.

Trellis Panels are traditionally made out of wood, which is popular because it offers a more “natural” appeal that helps it to complement the garden in a way that metal trellis may not be able to. Wood Trellis is usually the popular choice because it won’t heat up during hot weather, which could heat the plants and prevent them from growing properly.

Type of Trellis Panels

Typically, Wood Trellis is diamond-shaped, however it is also common to use square or rectangle Trellis Panels.

Fencing is one of the most popular forms of Trellis, and can be purchased in full Trellis Panels, or on the top of traditional panelled fencing.

Archways are another popular choice, especially with rose gardens and grapevines and make excellent focal points and/or seating areas. 

Wall Climbers are a great garden trellis if you have a large amount of space against the wall of your home and/or garage. Available in standard panels, including expanding panels, and fans, these can create a beautiful effect.

Freestanding allows you to have your plants rising up from planters or raised beds, without the support of a wall. This is ideal for creating boundaries.

Plus, there’s a variety of attractive Trellis Fence Toppers available ensuring your fencing stands out from the crowd.

Confused about which Trellis Panels to buy? Your nearest branch will be happy to help.