Small Mouldings

Small Mouldings

What are Small Mouldings?

Small Mouldings typically come in three forms:

  • Decorative – These are ideal for covering unsightly areas and/or making them look more attractive. 
  • Ornamental – These are not hiding anything, instead they are all about looking good, and offering fine detailing that is carved or embossed into the wood.
  • Architectural – These are the little details that pull a room together. They are a necessity to the room, whilst looking attractive. This typically includes skirting boards and architraves.


Which Hardwood?

The Hardwood Small Mouldings sold by Howarth Timber & Building Supplies is typically American White Oak.

Perhaps lesser known as Quercus Alba, the American White Oak originates from the East Coast of Canada and North America and is a relatively short tree. 

It is important to note that oak reacts against metals such as Iron that are “ferrous”, which can cause metal screws etc to corrode and damage the wood. Therefore, fitting used be made from either steel or brass. 

Timber is supplied “unfinished” meaning that it has not been treated with any stains, oils and finishes. This allows you to choose your own treatments and finishes to achieve whichever effect you want from your small mouldings.


For further information please contact your local branch for details.