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What is Architrave?

Architrave is a type of moulding that is commonly used to frame the top of wall openings particularly windows and doors.

Whilst serving a practical purpose, Architrave can also be used, alongside your skirting and other small mouldings, to create a specific feel to your home. That might be to give the illusion that a small room has more space, or choose a profile that enhances the classic or contemporary style of your home.

We offer a range of softwood and hardwood architraves produced in our state-of-the-art mill and available in a variety of profile options, including:

  • Ovolo Architrave. A rounded convex-shaped moulding
  • Ogee Architrave. An s-shaped moulding
  • Torus Architrave. A rounded convex moulding that is generally larger than the Ovolo Architrave

Our architraves are typically supplied unfinished, allowing you to choose the best preservatives and treatments to achieve the perfect look for your room and/or home.