Howarth Timber & Building Suppliers offer adhesives that can be used with our range of Sheet Materials (which includes chipboard and plywood).

Both available in 1 kilo quantities, we offer Flooring Adhesive, as well as Joint and Joist Adhesive. The Adhesives are a cost-effective option, saving you both time and money as you will not need to purchase expensive sealing tape or tools to fit your flooring.

Once in place, the adhesive offers excellent bonding capabilities, ensuring that your flooring stays in place for a long time.

Tired of squeaky flooring? Joint Adhesive stops that, by filling in the gap that create uneven flooring, thus reducing the chance of air pockets which cause those squeaks.

It is important to note that Adhesives are not suitable for use in areas that are “wet”, for example bathrooms, shower rooms etc. They should only be used in rooms that will be dry.