Flame Retardant Panels

Flame Retardant Panels

Flame Retardant Panels (08)
Flame Retardant Panels (08)
Flame Retardant Panels (08)

Timber is, without doubt, a highly flammable material – which is great if you want to keep your fireplace going during the winter. However, when it is used as a Sheet Material in the general make up of a building, this isn’t such a great thing. In some locations, it is actually a legal requirement that you must use Flame Retardant Panels so as to prevent the spread of fire.


The Euroclass System was designed to determine how a material would react towards fire. It was introduced to replace the existing National Classification that had previously been used across Europe, offering tests and methods that were able to provide a better analysis of building products.

  • A Non-Combustible material under National Classification is now classed as A1 under Euroclass.
  • Materials that have a limited amount of combustibility are Euroclass A2.
  • Class 0 materials are now Euroclass B, which are suitable for use in circulation spaces.
  • Class 1 materials are now Euroclass C. C-class can be used in most rooms, including garages, as well as spaces that are used for circulation.
  • Class 3 are now Euroclass D. These materials can be used in all residential and non-residential rooms, including those that are particularly small in size.

The Law states that Flame Retardant Panels must be sold with a valid Factory Production Control (FPC) certificate. If you receive Panels that do not come with this certificate, do not accept them.

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