Wooden Sleepers are large rectangular timber beams that are commonly referred to as Timber Sleepers or Railway Sleepers, because of their historical usage along the railway network, as a support for the tracks (they have now been predominantly replaced by concrete alternatives).  

Whether you are keen to have a piece of British history in your back garden, or just want to create an eye catching feature, Timber Sleepers are an excellent alternative for raised beds, edging (which can look fantastic with decorative aggregates), play areas for children, distinctive steps and/or walkways.  

We sell both hardwood and softwood sleepers.

Small Garden Ideas with Railway Sleepers

Railways Sleepers are a great addition to gardens of any size, however they are particularly ideal for smaller gardens, especially ones without grass. Garden sleepers allow you to easily create a raised bed, a unique decking area or even create a distinctive raised grassy area or patio.

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