Softwood Sleepers are a great way of creating a unique and distinctive garden space, whether you want to build some raised beds for flowers or vegetables, decking areas, edging particularly around pathways, borders etc.

The timber sleepers are treated with Tanalith E to ensure they remain strong and suitable for exterior use. The treatment is safe meaning that the softwood sleepers can be used in areas that will be used by pets and children. They have straight edges that help to achieve a look that is neat and tidy.

The sun naturally lightens the colour of the timber, creating a silver-coloured finish.

Using reclaimed railway sleepers are also an excellent method of adding a little romance from the steam era of trains to your garden. However, original wooden railway sleepers are becoming increasingly rare and difficult to source, for a variety of reasons. Most notably is because timber sleepers are generally no longer used on main lines, and have instead been replaced with concrete or steels ones, meaning that fewer of the timber variety are available. Those that are available, also tend to be unsuitable for use in gardens, because they have been treated with toxic preservatives (such as creosote) due to the rough environment that was designed to deal with.


New timber railway sleepers are made specifically for use in gardens and offer the exact same feel as traditional ones. 

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