Angle Fillets & Firrings

Angle Fillets & Firrings

What are Angle Fillets and Firrings?

An Angle Fillet is a piece of wood that has a triangular cross-section that is designed to fit into the corner where two pieces meet. A Firring is a piece of wood that has been cut along the fill length diagonally.

They serve two purposes: The first is to prevent the sharp corner from damaging the felt or membrane. The second purpose is to allow water to run-off easily.

Well a full range of other structural timber carcassing, including general use and structural.

Are Firrings the Same as Battens?

In the UK, both “Firring” and “Batten” are commonly used terminology to refer to wooden strips that are tapered. So yes, they are the same thing. It is also common for them to be referred to as “Furrings” or “Furring Strips”. 

What Size?

Angle Fillets are available in virtually any length, but the cross section typically comes in two sizes:

  • 47 x 50mm
  • 47 x 75mm

Firring Cross- Sections:

  • 47 x 50mm
  • 47 x 75mm
  • 47 75mm

Firring Lengths:

  • 3.0 metres
  • 3.6 metres

Due to the variety of sizes available in both Angle Fillets and Firrings, Howarth Timber & Build Supplies make them to order, so as to fit your individual requirements. Most of our branches have the facilities to do this on request on-site, however sometimes advance notice may be required, therefore we recommend that you get in touch with your branch before you need the wood.

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