Adjustable Riser Pedestals are the simple accessory you never knew you needed. Allowing you to raise the height of your decking, these handy little devices remove the need to lay a new surface of concrete and are tough enough to handle up to 1 tonne of weight. The Risers can be placed directly on to a variety of uneven surfaces including:

  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Soil

Our range includes two products:

Adjustable Decking Riser Pedestal that is simple to use, giving a height of 50mm to 80mm.

An extension that allows you to add 60mm of extra height on top of the riser. Four Extensions can be used per Riser.

How to use

  1. Set out where you want your pedestals to go. We recommend placing them in rows with each one 50cm apart, with 70cm between each row. This ensures that the overall weight of the decking boards is evenly spread out.
  2. Ensure that the pedestal is at its lowest height, and place it on the ground. One pedestal can raise the height of your decking from 50mm to 80mm. However, if you wish to raise it further, a maximum of 4 Extension Pieces can be used to increase the elevation up to 320mm.
  3. Lay the beam on top and fix to the pedestal.
  4. Now you can adjust the height of the Riser to suit your requirements.
  5. Place and attach the decking boards on top of the beams 

The benefits of raising your decking

It might seem strange to be considering raising your decking, however, there are several reasons why you might consider it:

Drainage: One of the biggest problems for decking is rotting caused by water that has not drained away effectively. Lifting the boards up ensure that water is kept away from it. Plus, as the Risers are manufactured from plastic, there is no chance of moisture rising from the ground into the timbers.

Accessories: If you have lighting around your decking, or have erected a sound system, the chances are you will probably be dealing with a fair amount of wires or cabling that is often unattractive. Raising the decking creates space to hide them. 

Air Circulation: The height also allows air to circulate freely beneath your decking. This helps to prevent the growth of timber-damaging bacteria.


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