Composite Decking

Composite Decking

Composite Decking

Whilst nothing can compare to the beauty of natural wood decking, composite decking (sometimes called recycled decking) from Trex Decking UK is a popular choice amongst trade and architect customers, as well as the homeowner. However, something that many people ask is: what exactly is composite decking?

What is Composite Decking?

Composite Decking from Trex Decking UK is an alternative decking option that became popular in the 1990s and is made up of wood fibres and recycled plastic, hence why it is often referred to as “Recycled Decking”. This unique material looks closely like real timber and can be used in the same situations. However, composite timber offers more water resistance making it a more reliable option for decking. 

So why choose Composite Decking over the real thing? 

Whilst it does look fantastic, as a natural product, timber – like the rest of us – ages, over time. The process can be slowed down using products and treatments, however, for the modern consumer this can be incredibly time-consuming, and let's face it: expensive.  Composite decking doesn’t require any type of treatment to protect it and enhance its lifespan.
Most modern composite decking has been designed with an appearance that is almost a perfect match for real wood, however, it has a variety of other benefits that have helped to convert a large number of customer:
  • Low Maintenance. As much as we'd like to, in the modern world, who really has the time to be looking after their decking? Composite Decking doesn't require most of the upkeep that real woods need. You won't need to sand it or apply any products such as paints or stains. The only maintenance you are likely to have to do include the rare brush or jet wash to remove moss and grime.
  • Appearance. Unlike timber, composite doesn't age over time, it doesn't fade or become discoloured. Most importantly, because it isn't affected by temperatures and weather conditions like wood is, it won't split or rot.
  • Waterproof. Ideal for use as an external decking option, a composite decking is also moisture and mould resistant.
  • Strong. Composite decking is resilient against both scratching and splitting. Timber naturally expands and contracts with the changes in temperature, however, Trex Decking doesn't do this, reducing the likelihood of most types of problems that timber movement can cause.

This practical choice of decking is suitable for balconies, as well as standard outdoor decking applications. All of the products in this range are Trex Decking.

Confused by composite decking or want to know more about your composite decking suppliers? Your nearest branch will be happy to help.