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Marking Out Tools

Category Information

Sometimes referred to as Marking Out Tools, Layout Tools are implements that are used to literally mark out a design – as set out on paper – to the actual material, which could be wood, metalwork etc.

  • Howarth Timber & Building Tools offer a wide selection of Layout Tools, including:
  • Compass – For marking out circles and/or semi-circles
  • Protractor – To add with angular measurements
  • Punches – To mark-out to centre of an area. They can also be used to create an indentation to plot where to place your drill bit before you begin drilling holes.
  • Scribe – Similar to a pen, a Scribe allows you to mark metalwork by scratching the surface lightly. For woodwork, a pencil may be used whilst markers and felt tips can also be used.
  • Marking Knife – A heavy duty tool that is used to score along straight lines, such as edges or along cutting guides.
  • Chalk Powder – Used with a Chalk Line to mark out straight lines.