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Slaters Tools

Slaters Tools

Howarth Timber & Building Supplies offers a wide range of Slater’s Tools, designed to help with the application of roof slates and tiles.

Our range of tools includes:

  • Slate Cutter. Ideal to use for cutting slate to the correct shape for your requirements
  • Slate Guillotine. A more heavy-duty method of cutting slates that are quite thick. These are typically fixed to a lathe or bench.
  • Slate Punch. Used to punch holes into slate, so that nails can be pushed through to secure the slates.
  • Slate Hammer. Slate Hammers are very different to conventional hammers, as they are more like ice picks in appearance and concept. The sharp point is used to punch holes into the slate.
  • Slater’s Axe. This is used to trim slate down to the sixe that you need. They often include a spike which can also be used to punch nail holes.
  • Slater’s Ripper. Used to slide under slates to either replace them with new slates, or to remove or sheer fixing nails from underneath.

Many of our Slater’s Tools are available and/or suitable for both right-handed and left-handed use.