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Category Information

Howarth Timber & Building Supplies offer a range of trowels that are useful for a variety of building work tasks.

The most common type of Trowel used in building work is sometimes referred to as a Masonry Trowel, which is a hand tool that is designed to be used for the application of mortar, cement and plaster. They can also be used to break and shape bricks.

Bucket Trowel’s are larger than other trowel’s, with a flat surface that is used to pick up plaster, cement or mortar from wherever it has been mixed. Some people use one of these in place of a Hawk , for convenience as it can also be used to mix up smaller quantities of product.

Tuck Pointing Trowel’s are longer than typical ones, and slimmer. These are designed to neatly pack mortar between bricks.

A Float Trowel – also known as a Finishing Trowel – are used to level any area of cement before it has had chance to harden, in order to give a smooth finish.

Gauging Trowel’s are great for measuring, blending and the application of smaller quantities of cement, which is ideal for small areas or detailing.

Traditionally Trowel’s have been made from Carbon Steel, however these days they are more likely to be made from Stainless Steel, as it is more durable and resistant to rust. They typically have either a wooden or soft grip handle.