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Decking Fixings

Category Information

Designed to add extra living space to your garden, Decking is a great alternative to stone patios. However, most of us want to know that our Decking is of a high-quality and that it is built to last, which is why it is so important to purchase the right decking fixings for your needs.

Before choosing which ones you purchase, it is helpful to ask yourself a few questions:

1. What material are you using for the decking boards?

This is particularly important if you are using hardwood boards, as you need to ensure that the fixings are capable of penetrating the surface of the wood.

2. Where is the decking to be placed? Will it be near a pool for example?

Stainless Steel is one of our more expensive types of deck fixing, made from higher grade material that is resistant against corrosion, making it suitable for use around swimming pools with chlorinated water, or along coastlines where sea water could cause damage.

Areas away from water won’t generally require stainless steel fixings.

3. Are you bothered about visible fixings?

If so, you might want to consider Hidden Deck Fasteners

Hidden Deck Fastenings disappear completely from view after installation, making them a popular choice amongst individuals wanting to put the overall appearance of the deck at the top of their priority list. Hiding them can also prevent accidents to bare feet including those of pets walking across the boards.