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Category Information

Nuts are a type of fastening that has a threaded hole that is typically twisted onto a bolt, so as to secure it into place. Most of the Nuts that we sell at Howarth Timber & Building Supplies are Full Nut Hexagonal, which basically means that they have six sides. They are sometimes called a Hex or a Hex Nut.

Nuts are available in a variety of sizes that correspond to a Bolts thread size. With Nuts and Bolts this is fairly easy, because you just need to take a note of what M-number the Bolt has (e.g. M6, M8 etc) and purchase the Nut with the same number.

A little more complicated is ensuring that you purchase the correct size Spanner to fit the Nuts. Whilst the size of Nut goes on the inside measurement being the same as the thread of the Nut, a Spanner works by the external measurement of the Nut, so this will of course be different.

As a rule of thumb:

  • M6 Nuts will need a 10mm Spanner
  • M8 Nuts will need a 13mm Spanner
  • M10 Nuts will need a 17mm Spanner
  • M12 Nuts will need a 19m Spanner
  • M16 Nuts will need a 24mm Spanner

 However, you should always check before purchase to ensure that you are getting the right one for your need.