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Router Bits

Category Information

What are Router Bits?

Router Bits are – quite simply – attachments that are placed into a router in order to hollow an area, either to create grooves or to shape the wood, for example to create cornering or to give a stool a distinctive shape. Different Router Bits will be used to achieve different effects.

Which Router Bits do you need?

There are so many different types of Router Bit, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed by them all. Truth be told – you probably won’t need all of them throughout your lifetime, and most of them will depend on what you intend to do in the future (either near or distant).  Therefore, the choice is predominantly down to preference.

However, if you are looking to purchase a selection of Bits that are likely to cover most bases, you might want to choose these:

  • Straight Cutting Bit, which is designed to create grooves that are straight
  • Round-Over Bits are great for creating corners on tables, chairs and cupboards.
  • If you are looking for a corner edging that is a little more decorative, however you might opt for a Roman Ogee.
  • Rabbeting Bits are used to create rabbet joints so that two panels can be attached to each other.
  • Chamfer Bits are ideal for removing harsh edges from shelving, tables etc.
  • V-Groove Bits create grooves that are typically decorative into surfaces such as doors or panelling.